Ultrasound investigation

Medicum provides ultrasound scans for adults and children.

Ultrasound investigations are used to measure and evaluate the structure, shape, size and blood flow of various internal organs. Pre-registration and referral letter are necessary. The referral letter is not necessary if the patient pays for the investigation.

Investigations that we provide

Name of investigation


Abdominal and pelvic ultrasound scan It is possible to register on the website,
by phone at +372 605 0601 or at the reception desk.
Thyroid ultrasound scan
Children’s ultrasound (ultrasound doctor Aita Tilk)

Name of investigation


Vascular Doppler Only register by phone at +372 512 4843
Joint ultrasound scan
Soft tissue ultrasound scan
Fine needle biopsy of thyroid gland

It is not possible to investigate the lung, stomach, intestines and skeleton with an ultrasound investigation.

If the ultrasound is used to investigate your abdominal of pelvic region (liver, pancreas, kidneys, gall-bladder, spleen, urinary bladder, uterus, prostate), you need to prepare in advance (in infants and young children, the preparation does not apply).

Before the investigation you may not eat at least 4 hours. This restriction is necessary for several reasons:

  • A full stomach conceals the pancreas;
  • The gall bladder empties after eating and cannot be assessed;
  • Digestion of food and carbonated beverages produces intestinal gases that interfere the investigation;
  • The urinary bladder must be full. A full bladder is positioned higher and thus enables the doctor a more accurate overview of the bladder, uterus and prostate. Therefore drink 1-2 hours before the investigation at least 2 glasses of water and do not empty the bladder before the end of the scan. After the scan you can use the bathroom immediately.

Take the daily medications prescribed to you by your doctor as per the treatment plan.

The service is free of charge for insured persons. In the absence of health insurance, we offer paid ultrasound scans, see the price list.

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