Eye pressure test

From the age of 40 years, it is very important to check intraocular pressure at least once a year. Early detection of elevated intraocular pressure allows early detection of glaucoma, and the timely treatment and preservation of vision.

Glaucoma is a chronic illness that develops sneakily and is almost without obvious symptoms. It damages the eyes to the degree that the person with glaucoma may become blind. In the case of glaucoma, the intraocular pressure of the eye rises, the optic nerve becomes damaged and therefore the field of vision is impaired.

The disease may go unnoticed because visual acuity stays relatively good for a long time. Unfortunately, the vision loss caused by advanced and untreated glaucoma cannot be restored.

An intraocular pressure test is a simple and easily tolerated investigation. A single measurement is not always sufficient to measure eye pressure, so repeated measurement may be required at different times.

You can make an appointment with an ophthalmic nurse to measure intraocular pressure. The intraocular pressure test is a paid service. Service fee 3 euros.

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