Medicum’s partner for laboratory work is Synlab LLC Estonia, which is the largest privately held Estonian medical lab.

A referral letter from a doctor is necessary for analyses. In the absence of a referral letter, the analyses can be done for a charge.

Locations for giving analysis samples

You can choose a suitable location for giving analysis samples. The analyses are taken by order of arrival and there is no need to make an appointment.


Opening Hours

Giving blood samples

Giving urine, stool and samples that are taken at home

Lasnamäe Medicum
Punane str. 61, Tallinn
Mon–Fri 8.00–18.00 2nd floor
rooms 230/1-230/5
the opening at the room 240
Sadama Medicum
Uus-Sadama str. 21, Tallinn
Mon–Fri 8.00–15.00 1st floor
room 21
1st floor
room 21

To obtain accurate laboratory results it is important that the sample is taken correctly. Recommendations on how to prepare for giving blood samples and how to properly collect the samples can be found on the sampling instructions page.

Paid analyses

Our lab provides paid analyses that do not require a referral letter from a doctor. Price list for the paid laboratory services.

Please come to the blood sampling room and tell the nurse what kind of analysis you want. The nurse will issue an ordering sheet for paid services, with which you can pay for the analyses at the general registration. A blood sample can be given immediately or at any other appropriate time for the patient, observing the recommendations on lab analysis sampling. The samples are taken on the basis of a receipt.

Urine/stool analyses can be brought to a lab registration person (room 240), who will issue the paid services ordering sheet to be paid at the general registration.

The analysis results can be obtained from the lab registration person after presenting your personal identification document and the receipt.

We strongly recommend a prior visit to your doctor if you have health complaints.

Analyses that require fasting

The clinical evaluation of certain laboratory tests and obtaining the right results require a fast before sampling.

  • On the night before sampling, eating is not permitted after 22:00. Drinking water is allowed.
  • During the previous twenty-four hour period only a light serving of alcohol is allowed.
  • On the morning of sampling, it is recommended to restrict physical activity to a 15-minute walk.
  • A blood sample is taken in the morning before eating, drinking and smoking.

List of tests that require fasting

Vitamin B12 (fP-B12)
Folate (fP-Fol)
C-peptide (fP-C-pept)
Gastrin (fS-Gastrin)
Glucose (fP-Gluc)
Cholesterol (fP-Chol)
HDL-Chol (fP-HDL-Chol)
LDL-cholesterol (fP-LDL-Chol)
Triglycerides (fP-Trigl)
Glucose tolerance test sample (P-GTT; P-GTTgr)
Lactose tolerance test sample (P-LTT)