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Interdisciplinary cardiopulmonary rehabilitation course

Medicum taastusravi ja füsioteraapia teenused

The course has finished.

As we navigate through the complexities of cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases, it is imperative to continuously learn about evidence based approaches within the discipline.

We invite you to join the 2-day course where you will learn about the advances through theory and practical workshops. The speakers will include top specialists from Finland, The Netherlands, Sweden and Estonia.

The course will give a comprehensive overview about different treatment modalities that will help improve patient outcomes and quality of life.

The conference will be in English.


9-10 May 2024


Day 1 – Hotel Olümpia
Day 2 – Medicum


Who is the course for?

This interdisciplinary course is for all medical personnel working in rehabilitation: rehabilitation doctors, cardiologists, oncologists, pulmonologists, internists, residents, physiotherapists and nurses.

Day 1 – conference

Location: Hotel Olümpia, 33 Liivalaia Street, 10118 Tallinn

Morning Coffee
Welcome Notes
Cardiac Rehabilitation Arto Hautala (FIN)
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Martijn Spruit (NL)
Coffee Break
Dyspnea differentials Eduard Tsvetkov (EST)
Hematology Rehabilitation Ksenia Boriskina (SWE)
Prehabilitation in Oncology and Beyond Viktoria Ivanova (EST)
Coffee Break
Aerobic Exercise in Rehabilitation Aleksandra Butšelovskaja (EST)
Resistance Exercise Jekaterina Šibajeva (EST)
Closing remarks and travel to Stockmann facility
Social event (details will be shared to participants)

Day 2 – practical workshops

Location: Medicum, Punane 61, 13619 Tallinn

Morning Coffee
How to set up cardiac rehabilitation Priit Eelmäe
CPET interpretation Eduard Tsvetkov
DXA and frailty assessment Aleksandra Butšelovskaja
IMT in cardiopulmonary rehabilitation Karl-Erik Laid
Breakout sessions in 5 separate groups. Sessions include: Aerobic exercise (Tsvetkov, AER) Resistance exercise (Šibajeva, HUR) DXA and frailty (T. Nõmmik, 124) Inspiratory muscle training (KE Laid, hall) CPET live (Butšelovskaja, 223)
Breakout sessions in 5 separate groups continue
Closing remarks

Dr. Martijn Spruit is a professor at Maastricht University and an executive board member at Ciro in Horn, the Netherlands. His research is driven by his ambition to improve the health status of patients with chronic respiratory disease. As a physiotherapy and rehabilitation scientist, he focuses on a fundamental change in the organization of care of the pulmonary patient population. His emphasis on shifting from traditional drug therapy to integrated allied healthcare has made him one of the key experts in pulmonary rehabilitation today. He has authored more than 410 peer-reviewed English language papers, including invaluable contributions to rehabilitation guidelines. He has also been engaged with the ds European Respiratory Society (ERS) and the European Lung Foundation (ELF) over the years in various roles, work for which he received the ERS Lifetime Achievement Award in 2023.

Dr. Arto Hautala works as an associate professor of physiotherapy and rehabilitation in the University of Jyväskylä in Finland. With a background in physical therapy, exercise physiology and biomechanics, his research interests include disease management and prevention, mechanisms for individual exercise responses in health and disease, cardiovascular mortality and utilising technology in remote rehabilitation. With over 100 publications, his expertise is reinforced by his current roles as a chair in the working group for planning current Finnish guidelines for exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation and as an expert in Finnish Medical Society Duodecim and Executive Board of Current Care for the Finnish guideline of physical activity and exercise training. He serves as the vice president of the Finnish Society of Sport Sciences for 2021-2025 and expert for the National Sports Council from 2023 to 2027.

Ksenia Boriskina has been working as specialist and senior physician in clinical department for allogeneic stem cell transplantation and cell therapy (CAST) at Karolinska University Hospital since 2013. Ksenia started her career at Karolinska in 2010-2011 as a part of her residency program that she successfully accomplished at the Tartu University (Estonia). Ksenia has taken hands on patients treated with CAR-T cells in standard of care and clinical trials, as well as she handled other cell therapies such as treatments with mesenchymal stromal cells, virus specific T celles and decidual cells. She has worked in the field of hematopoietic stemcell transplantation (HSCT) since 2008. Ksenia has been interested in neurological, cognitive and psychological complication both after HSCT and CAR-T therapy for a while now. She is going to work with combining evaluation of neuropsychological testing with biological analyses and advanced neuroimaging for better understanding of such threatening complications as ICANS and severe fatigue.

About the organizer

The course is organized by the cardiopulmonary rehabilitation team at Medicum.

Medicum is the first clinic in the Baltics accredited by the European Association of Preventive Cardiology (EAPC). Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation practice was founded at Medicum in 2018 by Dr Eduard Tsvetkov, who is also the author of the course’s concept.

Medicum is the largest ambulatory care facility providing general and special medical care in Estonia.

Medicum Preventative Cardiology Centre Accreditation