Ear-nose-throat physician aka otorhinolaryngology complex service (for a fee) – 59€

Starting from July 2018, Medicum Lasnamäe Health Centre (Punane 61) is changing their paid complex service for seeing an ear-nose-throat specialist.
For the patient, this means a fixed price that covers all costs – when coming to see the physician with your problem, you can be certain that no additional expenses are added to your appointment fee – the fee includes the physician’s appointments and all necessary procedures and studies for your case.

The ear-nose-throat specialists in Medicum perform all kinds of procedures and studies according to the patient’s complaint.

Medicum’s Pain Treatment Center was opened

From 1 March 2018, Medicum’s Pain Treatment Center was opened.

It is possible to come to a physician’s appointment with a family physician’s or specialist’s referral. Or without it to the paid appointment.

• all chronic pain syndromes (other than headache);

• in case of acute pain where using regular treatment methods does not help.

Appointments are held at Medicum Lasnamäe. You can book an appointment in the registry here.

Booking by phone 605 0601.

Medicums patient portal →

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  • Studies and analyses
  • Laboratory Assay Results


  • Lasnamäe Medicum

    Punane str. 61, 13619 Tallinn, Estonia

    Registration +372 605 0601
    Secretary +372 605 0770
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  • Sadama Medicum

    Uus-Sadama str. 21, 10120 Tallinn, Estonia

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  • Koduõde

    Tulika str. 19, 10613 Tallinn, Estonia

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