Taking a blood sample

Preparation of blood sampling may vary by the analysis. If you wish or need further clarification, please ask the lab or your doctor about the analysis.

So the analysis can be clinically assessed and laboratory testing results accurate, we recommend:

  • That you give a sample of blood in the morning before diagnostic or medical procedures (up to 12:00, preferably 8:00-10:00).
  • On the day proceeding the sampling you can eat and drink as usual. Limit your alcohol, coffee and fatty food consumption and reduce physical load.
  • For some blood tests you may be asked to fast prior to sampling. This means that the night before sampling you may not eat after 22:00; drinking water is permitted.
  • Avoid eating, drinking, high physical and emotional stress, if possible, the use of medicines, alcohol and smoking before sampling.
  • Sit down for at least 15 minutes before the sampling to stabilise blood circulation.

At the time of the procedure you must not eat, drink or chew gum and your mouth must be empty.

After the sampling, sit for at least 5 minutes. At the same time, push the other hand on the needle insertion point and do not flex the hand to avoid the formation of subcutaneous haemorrhaging.