Echocardiography (heart sonography)

Echocardiography is an investigation method of the heart that uses high-definition ultrasound. The need for this investigation is decided by a doctor.

Echocardiography allows for assessment of:

  • Function of the heart valves
  • Presence of an infarction scar, its position and severity
  • Size of heart chambers
  • Pumping function of heart
  • Fluid around the heart and additional heart structures

Echocardiography does not allow for assessing:

  • Exact assessment of coronary artery narrowing
  • Age of the infarction scar

The received data are used for analysis in the echocardiography workstation, recorded and printed on paper, videotape or magnetic-optic disk. Repeated investigation enables the patient’s previous archived investigation data to be compared and treatment outcomes assessed.


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