Exercise tolerance test or veloergometry

Exercise ECG is the registration of electrocardiogram (ECG) and blood pressure measurements during exercise.

Usually changes in the ECG manifest at the earliest during physical exercise, therefore the exercise test is used in the evaluation of blood flow to the heart muscle. Exercise tests are performed by a cardiologist. It will take place on a veloergometer.

The investigation enables the evaluation of:

  • Whether the heart muscle can get enough blood during exercise (assessment of the presence and severity of ischemic heart disease)
  • Maximum physical capacity of a patient
  • Whether changes in blood pressure or arrhythmia occur during exercise
  • Whether the cardiac medicines used by a patient are sufficiently effective

When it is recommended to check exercise capacity:

  • If you have two or more risk factors for heart disease: you smoke, are overweight, you move too little, your blood pressure is elevated, blood cholesterol level is above normal, you have diabetes;
  • If you have a history of or if you presently have cardiac symptoms: chest pain, irregular heartbeat, difficulty breathing, dizziness and loss of consciousness, exceptionally severe exercise intolerance;
  • If you plan to start a more intensive moving programme or other hard physical exercise;
  • If you wish to know what physical shape you are in, what kind exercise your heart can withstand and what your appropriate exercise load is.

Patient’s consent for veloergometry investigation


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