Family School Lectures

Parenting education groups expect families who are planning childbirth, parents and grandparents for lectures.

Our experienced midwives and family nurses help to adapt to pregnancy, childbirth, post-natal recovery and taking care of a newborn. The lawyer introduces legislation and the rights of women.

Parenting education group lectures last 1.5 hours and their price for one participant is 5 EUR. Family school lecture schedule.

Lecture schedule

The joys, sorrows and myths of childbearing

We look forward to families in the early months of pregnancy and we look for answers to the following questions:

  • What changes occur in the body during pregnancy?
  • How can possible pregnancy-related complaints be alleviated?
  • How does bodyweight change during pregnancy?
  • What should you pay attention to in your diet?
  • What are the myths and legends relating to pregnancy and how are they related to reality?

Pregnancy-related legislation and the rights of pregnant women

The lawyer will explain:

  • What the rights of pregnant woman are in the context of work
  • How to take maternity leave and compensation
  • How to register the birth of a child
  • What kind of financial support is available to apply for
  • Important aspects of legislation concerning the child

In the second half of pregnancy, we recommend that you participate in the following lectures:

Childbirth – a memorable experience for the rest of my life

  • How does normal childbirth take place?
  • How can you feel better during childbirth?
  • How is the recovery from giving birth?
  • Wonderful breastfeeding – for the delight of the mommy and baby
  • Why is breastfeeding important both to the mother and the child?
  • How should you choose breastfeeding positions and techniques?
  • What questions and issues may arise in breastfeeding and where can you get help?

Newborn care at home

  • How to care for a baby
  • What your baby’s daily hygiene is
  • Practical training with baby dolls

We offer parents workshops, in order to prevent the most common health problems. Our family nurses provide advice on how to avoid accidents with children and what the principles of first aid are. We also talk about vaccination myths and a physical therapist provides recommendations for the development of the child’s motor skills.

Support person during labour: who, why and how?

  • Together with a midwife, we will find out how a support person can help a woman in labour in the different stages of labour
  • We will learn the breathing and relaxation techniques used during labour
  • We will practice how to give a pain relieving massage during the dilation stage of labour

The lectures will take place in Estonian or Russian.