Information for patients/clients of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation department

​​​When visiting our department…

  • Please arrive for the procedure 10 minutes before the scheduled appointment;
  • Leave your outerwear in the wardrobe;
  • Indoor shoes are required in the spa;
  • There is a dedicated area for strollers on the 1st floor. Please bring your own lock for the stroller;
  • Please do not take any valuables with you to the procedures. AS Medicum cannot be held responsible for lost items;
  • A doctor’s referral is needed to register for procedures such as electrotherapy;
  • For better results we recommend undergoing the procedures prescribed by your doctor consecutively;
  • If you are unable to come to the procedure, please let us know at least one day in advance so that you do not lose the right to attend the procedure;
  • If you consecutively miss two procedures and do not notify us in advance, all of your subsequent scheduled procedures will be cancelled;
  • Prepayments are returned only upon presenting a medical certificate that indicates illness or incompatibility of treatment;
  • Prepayments are not returned if you miss your appointment for personal reasons.

​Electrotherapy (physiotherapy with machines)

  • It is best not to eat at least one hour before the procedure. Do not attend the procedure with an empty stomach;
  • It is not recommended to sleep or read during the procedure;
  • Do not touch the electrodes or the machine;
  • Please notify the nurse if you feel pain, discomfort or become unwell;
  • It is not allowed to use a mobile phone during the procedure;
  • We recommend resting for 20–30 minutes after the procedure.

​Aerobics with babies

  • It is best not to eat at least one hour before the activity;
  • Please bring a small blanket/sheet for the baby to use in the aerobics class;
  • Parents should wear comfortable clothes and socks;
  • We ask parents to take part in the aerobics class for older children so that parents can learn the exercises and practice them at home with the child;
  • Please switch your mobile phone off or to silent mode during the procedure.

Swimming with babies

  • For the swimming class, please bring a big towel for the baby and indoor shoes and a training shirt for the parent;
  • The first few times the instructor will teach the parents the correct ways to hold the baby in the water, and then the mother/father can take over;
  • The bath is for babies that weigh up to 7 kg. Older babies swim in the big pool with their parents.

Aerobics in the pool
​Please bring with you:

  • indoor shoes
  • swimming cap (for the baby as well)
  • swimsuit / swim shorts
  • swim diaper for the baby
  • soap, a sponge and a towel

Put on the swimwear only after you have thoroughly washed yourself. We recommend not using shower gels as they are difficult to rinse off and contaminate the pool water with different chemical compounds.

Visitors can enter the changing room 15 minutes before the class starts. We cannot serve or allow into the class those who are late.

​Aerobics in the hall
​Please bring with you:

  • Comfortable clothes and socks;
  • A sheet that can be placed on the aerobics mat (optional);
  • Please switch your mobile phone off or to silent mode during the aerobics class.

There is a shower in the changing room if you’d like to wash up after the class.

Have a healthy day!