Lasnamäe Medicum

Register for a visit → Punane str. 61, 13619 Tallinn, Estonia

Sadama Medicum

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Dental care

Register for a visit → Punane str. 61, 13619 Tallinn, Estonia

Good to know

From 13 December, our digital registration system has undergone some changes. The new system allows you to book an appointment with a general practitioner and rehabilitation physician and register for procedures and radiological examinations by following the first link Lasnamäe Medicum. By following the second link Lasnamäe and Sadama Medicum, you can book an appointment with all specialists at Lasnamäe Medicum (except for rehabilitation and radiology) and all specialists at Sadama Medicum (including family medicine and rehabilitation).

  • Patients whose health services are covered by the health insurance fund are given the first vacant appointment in the general queue, or a later one, should the patient so wish.
  • Patients who request paid services according to the Medicum price list are registered outside the general queue.
  • Should your health problem require a fast solution, we recommend that you make an appointment via phone and describe your problem to us.
  • A doctor or nurse will make the appointment if there is a need for a repeat visit.

General registration