Medical certificate for drivers of motor vehicles

Since 06.11.2014 Medicum issues medical certificates for drivers of motor vehicles electronically (sent directly to Road Administration).

Medicum family doctors issue medical certificates for drivers of motor vehicles with A-, AM-, B-, BE-, T-, C-, CE-, D-, DE- category, including professional motor vehicle drivers.

To obtain the medical certificate, register for a visit to a family doctor via the Internet or call the reception office at 6 050 861. Select “Certificates for drivers of motor vehicles” as the reason for the visit.

Before coming to the visit fill in the health declaration. You can fill it at the address (to fill the declaration you must log in with your ID-card or by using a mobile-ID). If you log in with your ID card, please use Internet Explorer. If you do not have the option for filling in the electronic health declaration, you can obtain the paper version from Medicum reception (the filling takes at least 20 minutes) or print it out yourself here: Health declaration

If applying for a medical certificate for drivers of motor vehicles, take along:

  • Identity document (passport or ID card)
  • Driver’s licence (if available)
  • Permanently or temporarily used aids during driving (glasses, contact lenses, prostheses, hearing aid, etc.)
  • Driving prohibition resolution (in case you have been removed from the vehicle by the police on the basis of a written resolution)

Please do not eat or drink two hours before the visit.

Health check costs 35 euros.

NB! The medical examination must be paid even if the visit reveals medical contraindications to obtaining a driving licence!  In the case of a negative decision, the medical examination fee is not paid back.