Certificate for young athletes

The family doctor monitors children and adolescents during a regular medical examination in accordance with the “Guide for the medical examination of children up to 18 years”. If a suspicion of any health issue should arise, the family doctor can refer the child to a medical specialist or for additional investigations.

Varied physical activity within the limits of the abilities of the child is suitable for a child who has developed age-appropriately. A parent or legal guardian of a child is the primary decider. At the request of a parent of a child, the family doctor can issue a certificate on the health status of the child for suitability for athletic activities (except for football events).

The issue of the certificate is subject to a fee. Health check costs 10 euros.

Free medical examinations are carried out by companies participating in the prevention project “Young athlete´s medical examination for the prevention of sport-related health risks”, more information is here: http://www.kliinikum.ee/noorsportlasele.

Free medical examinations are reserved for athletes, who:

  • Are 9-19 years old
  • Regularly participates in a sports club, sport school or training group by a school
  • Exercises 5 hours or more per week

NB! 1 training hour = 60 minutes. Training hours do not include school physical education classes.