Contacting your family physician

Your family nurse is the primary contact person at the Family Medicine Centre in resolving health problems and answering questions. Family physicians only accept pre-registered patients.

The family nurse will assess your problem and decide who and when will look into it. If necessary, he or she will book an appointment with your family physician or a nurse or give information to your family physician for telephone contact and your family physician will then call you.

If health issues arise, please contact a reception desk.

If you call before 12 p.m., the nurse will contact you on the same day, if after 12 p.m., then no later than the next day. Please specify your contact information to the reception desk employee and keep your phone at hand. If you do not accept the nurse’s call, you will not be contacted any more.

If your health problem does not require urgent medical intervention, the reception desk employee has the right to register you for a nurse phone contact on the first available time.

How to register for an appointment

You must ALWAYS register for an appointment. To do this, call the family nurse or the reception desk or use online registration ( When registering online, it is important to choose the right service for the problem.

Please note that   the family nurse provides several services, including:

  • extending prescriptions for chronic disease medication;
  • issuing medical certificates;
  • advising on treatment for milder infectious diseases;
  • advising on screening investigations and addiction   problems.

If you are in doubt about the right service to choose, contact your family nurse or the reception desk.

In the case of problems that require intervention sooner than the first free time offered to you, please call your family nurse or sign up for a family nurse’s phone call at the reception desk.

A patient who arrives without advance notice will not be seen by their own family physician. If necessary you will be seen by the on-call physician, with a waiting time of up to three hours. If you have an urgent problem, contact your family nurse who will arrange an appointment with your family physician, if necessary, or resolve the problem another way.   If your health problem does not require prompt medical intervention, the nurse or receptionist has the right to register you on the general waiting list for appointments.

Organisation of appointments

If you cannot arrive at the agreed time, please cancel your appointment at the earliest opportunity by calling the reception desk.

If you are late by more than 5 minutes, please be aware that patients who arrive on time are served in a timely manner.

If you arrive at a time by which your scheduled appointment would be over, you will not be seen and you will have to sign up for a new appointment time at the reception desk.

If you come in with a number of family members, please book a separate time for everyone.

If you have several health problems, please contact the family nurse beforehand for telephone advice, as it may be wise to book a longer appointment.