Uninsured persons

Since 2017, uninsured people registered in Tallinn can receive basic medical and surgical outpatient care in the Kopli clinic of the West Tallinn Central Hospital at Sõle 63.

General medical outpatient care is provided at the following times:

  • Mondays and Thursdays at 08:00–12:00

Surgical outpatient care is provided at the following times:

  • a surgeon`s reception wednesdays at 09:00-15:00
  • nurse independent reception mondays at 08:00-12:00

General medical and surgical outpatient care is free of charge to all residents registered in Tallinn. An identity document should be taken to the visit. Register at the clinic’s reception office before a visit to a surgeon or a medical practitioner.

Since the medical care is provided according to a queue (there is no pre-registration), we ask patients to take into account some waiting time.

For emergency medical care please turn to the emergency department of the hospitals in Tallinn.

Inpatient aftercare services are provided in the Kallasvere hospital at Haigla 2, Maardu town. Contact person: Rita Vissak, treatment administrator, tel. 606 0870, e-mail rita.vissak@kh.ee

Information is also available on the West Tallinn Central Hospital’s website.