Referral to a medical specialist

The family doctor will refer a patient to a medical specialist if, after the results of medical examination and investigations, the diagnosis needs refinement, adjustment of the patient’s treatment is required, or the treatment and monitoring of the condition are within the competence of the medical specialist.

The family doctor decides whether the patient requires a consultation from a medical specialist. Therefore, consult your family doctor before registration with a medical specialist, as this requires a referral letter!

No referral letter is needed if you are planning to visit the following medical specialists: dentist, ophthalmologist, psychiatrist, dermatologist – venereal disease specialist, gynaecologist, tuberculosis specialist. With new traumas, no referral letter is needed for orthopaedic surgeons.

You can only register for a paid visit to other medical specialists without a referral letter. In this case, fees also apply for tests, examinations and additional procedures in addition to the visit fee.