Gynaecological visit

A gynaecologist specialises in the prevention and treatment of gynaecological diseases and advises women of all ages on contraception and family planning.

A gynaecologist performs gynaecological examinations, carries out testing for sexually transmitted diseases and cervical cancer (Pap test), advises on contraceptives, inserts or removes an intrauterine device (coil), performs primary infertility tests, determines pregnancy by transvaginal ultrasound, treats gynaecological diseases and advises on climacteric complaints and pregnancies.

Medicum provides a paid complex service of a gynaecologist. The price includes a gynaecological examination, transvaginal ultrasound and laboratory tests as needed, preparation of a treatment plan and a repeat appointment if necessary. Procedures are not included in the price.

You should see a gynaecologist if:

  • you wish to have a preventive gynaecological health check (recommended once a year or in case of multiple sexual partners)
  • you have a gynaecological disease/complaint
  • you have problems with infertility
  • you want to get a prescription for a hormonal contraceptive
  • you want an intrauterine device to be inserted or removed
  • you want to end your pregnancy (with medications)

You can book an appointment by calling 605 0601 or by using our digital registration system.