Research and Development Department

Medicum’s Research and Development Department was created in 2008 in order to support the long- and short-term strategic objectives of Medicum through research and development, training and quality management.

Activities of the Department:

Development activities

  • development and coordination of functionality that supports the information system clinical activities of Medicum
  • preparation and realization support for new services and projects and identification of areas of cooperation
  • research and development cooperation with partners (higher education institutions, clinical studies, sponsors, other medical institutions, professional associations, etc.)

Coordination of clinical studies

  • planning, coordination and conduct of clinical studies and support for the development of expertise in this field at Medicum

Quality management

  • development of quality policies and planning of deployment
  • leadership of quality activities
  • analysis of clinical activities and methodological support for clinical quality studies


  • assessment of training needs and planning and carrying out training
  • offering practice opportunities for students of nursing and medicine, residents and post-graduate students