Visit to a general surgeon

General surgery is a specialty that involves diagnostics and treatment of skin and soft tissue, breast, gastrointestinal, endocrine, abdominal wall and vascular diseases.

Performed investigations:

  • Rectoscopy (in the Lasnamäe Medicum)
  • Computed tomography (in the Lasnamäe Medicum)
  • Magnet resonance tomography (in the Lasnamäe Medicum)
  • X-ray (in the Lasnamäe Medicum)
  • Ultrasound investigation (in the Lasnamäe and Sadama Medicums)
  • Vascular Doppler (in the Lasnamäe and Sadama Medicums)

Performed procedures:

  • Minor surgery
  • Superficial wound surgical dressing

Visits to a surgeon are possible with a referral letter from a family doctor or a medical specialist; paid visits do not require a referral letter.

Visits are possible in the Lasnamäe and Sadama Medicums.