Chemical peeling for face

Chemical face peeling is a cosmetic medical procedure done by nurses with special training. The procedure is appropriate for issues related to oily skin or mild and/or medium acne. In the event of more severe forms of acne, you should consult with your dermatologist beforehand.

The procedure involves chemical peeling complemented with home treatment. It is performed with products from the dermocosmetic series by Laboratories Renophase Paris. Positive changes can be seen on the skin as early as with the first treatment, but it is necessary to repeat the treatment procedure 4 to 8 times to ensure more permanent results.

Chemical peeling is performed for a fee and does not require a referral from a doctor.

What to keep in mind before the procedure

  • It is not permitted to go to a solarium or a sauna, engage in active sports or consume alcohol on the day of the procedure. Applying makeup products is not recommended immediately after the procedure.
  • During the course of multiple treatments, it is not permitted to go to solariums or use products containing aloe vera or essential oils.

About Laboratories Renophase Paris dermocosmetics

The series uses amino acids to partially neutralise glycolic acid and make the products suitable for different skin types without causing severe irritation or flaking. In addition, the acid complex has been enriched with antioxidants and natural phytoestrogens extracted from wild yam and soybeans that improve the skin’s hormonal balance, regulate sebaceous glands and leave the skin rejuvenated. The products in the series have been ionised with hydrogen molecules. This ensures that ingredients remain stabile and protected, alter skin permeability and enhance absorption processes. Medical peeling with Laboratories Renophase Paris products affects skin on a cellular level.