Dry eye test​

Dry eye symptoms may include irritation, the feeling of itching or discomfort in the eyes and excessive tear flow. This is due to a decrease in tear production or changes in the nature of the tears. If dry eye symptoms are not relieved, the dry eye may cause more serious illnesses.

There are many reasons for a dry eye. The eyes are tired due to the environment (dry air, dust, wind, sun, air pollution) and the wearing of contact lenses.  Today’s active smartphone person squints their eyes to look at the phone, computer or television. Certain medicines or surgeries, as well as reduced tear production due to age, affect the formation of dry eyes.

Dry eye syndrome can be easily tested by measuring the amount of tears produced. For testing and counselling, you can make an appointment with an ophthalmic nurse. A dry eye test is a paid service. The service price is 5.00 EUR.

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