Ear-nose-throat physician aka otorhinolaryngology complex service

Otorhinolaryngology is a specialty that includes the diagnosis and treatment of ear-nose-throat disorders.

Medicum provides a paid complex service of an ear-nose-throat physician – the price includes the physician’s appointment, the tests and investigations needed for diagnosis and, if necessary, a repeat appointment. You can book an appointment here.

In Sadama Medicum, the current principle will stay the same – there is an appointment fee and additional fees for studies and procedures.

The ear-nose-throat specialists in Medicum perform all kinds of procedures and studies according to the patient’s complaint.


  • opening an abscess (in the ear, nose, pharynx)
  • nosebleed tamponade
  • coagulation of blood vessels (burning)
  • ear rinse
  • tonsils rinse
  • vibrosession
  • sinus puncture
  • removing a foreign body
  • paracentesis


  • audiometry (measuring hearing sharpness)
  • tympanometry (measuring the elasticity of the eardrum)
  • computed tomography (CT)
  • magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • x-ray
  • ultrasound
  • epipharyngoscopy
  • laboratory analyses

There is no need for a referral for a paid appointment.

The ear-nose-throat specialists also see children.  When choosing an appointment for a child, please select the ear-nose-throat specialist’s (children’s) complex service. You can book an appointment here.