Appointment with a mental health nurse

Mental health nurses can counsel adults and children on sleep hygiene and sleep disorders. The nurse advises the patient and her relatives on other mental health problems as well (such as compliance with the treatment regimen, anxiety, mood swings, stress, memory disorders, dementia, etc.).

The nurse assesses the health status of the patient, analyses the health risks and helps the patient and his family to cope with everyday life. The nurse helps the patient to develop self-help techniques for anxiety disorders (relaxation techniques, changes in lifestyle) and counsels relatives of the patients with dementia (how to behave, how to talk, what to expect, how to plan a day, etc.).

Mental health nurses work with family and specialist doctors, family nurses and midwives.

We encourage patients to take existing information materials with them in order to discuss the issues that have arisen and write down questions to which they wish to get answers to.

A referral is required to register for an appointment with the nurse.

Service fee 22 euros.
Visits take place at Lasnamäe Medicum.