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Home nursing and care service

Home nursing and care services are offered only in Tallinn. The service will be provided on the basis of the GP's or stationary treating doctor's decision (referral) confirming the need for nursing. On the basis of the doctor's decision, a nurse from the nursing care unit, involving a social worker if required, will make a home call. Together they will prepare an activity plan, which includes nursing and care if required. Nursing will take place in cooperation with the patient's GP and with a social worker from the municipal government if necessary. The activity plan will specify the number of visits the nurse will make every day and necessary nursing activities, as well as the number of visits by the care worker and their activities. The services are free for patients in the extent allocated from the budget of the City of Tallinn.

Target group:

  • Patients who have left nursing hospitals or long-term treatment wards or other hospitals who need nursing care and not active treatment.
  • Patients in whose case nursing care prevents hospitalisation
  • Patients who are unable to move
  • Chronically bedridden patients with serious physical problems
  • People with reduced mobility
  • Patients who have complicated nursing care needs that cannot be met by social workers or family members
  • Terminally ill and dying patients

* Patients in an acute psychotic state will not be taken in nursing care.  

Performed procedures:

  • Distribution and administration of medicaments
  • Taking blood pressure
  • Reading pulse
  • Measuring temperature
  • Measuring blood sugar with a glucometer
  • Inserting a catheter in the bladder, inserting a permanent catheter, maintenance of catheters
  • Change of dressing and care for ostomy
  • Micro-enemas
  • Removal of stitches from wounds
  • Removal of casts
  • Prevention of bedsores
  • Care for wounds, incl. bedsores
  • Position therapy
  • Rehabilitation therapy at home
  • Counselling
  • Further information and registration on weekdays between 9:00-15:00 

    telephone number +372 650 5092 (Tulika 19)

    Services are provided daily between 8:00-20:00.