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Rehabilitation Therapy

The Rehabilitation Therapy Department of Medicum offers many options to both adults and children for prevention of diseases and recuperation after being ill and they do so in a thoroughly modern environment. People can come for the procedures with their GP's or specialist's referral or at their own initiative if they need some relaxation and invigoration.

We have particularly good news for mothers who often have nowhere to leave their children during procedures – our water treatment centre also has a playroom for children, where they can play under the watchful eye of the administrator while their mothers are enjoying the procedures.

If you are in doubt as to which procedure would be the most suitable for you, contact our rehabilitation therapist, who will be happy to help. We also offer 5 or 10-day rehabilitation packages at good prices , which include a doctor's appointment and 2 rehabilitation procedures per day.

Rehabilitation Therapist tel. +372 605 0641

Rehabilitation Therapy Administrator tel. +372 605 0637

Head of Rehabilitation Service, Marge Saulus  tel. +372 605 0630