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Services offered by Medicum gynecologists:

  • reception of gynecological patients
  • gynecological procedures (insertion and removal of intrauterine devices, abrasion of the uterine cavity, termination of pregnancy, removal of style polyps, treatment of the style, opening abscesses on the Bartholin gland).
  • infertility examination
  • monitoring of pregnant women
  • ultrasound diagnostics

The Health Centre is equipped with a modern anesthesia device and a an anesthesiologist works there, which means that major procedures can be done under anesthesia.

Sadama Medicum, Uus-Sadama 21
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or by calling +372 881 1300,+372 881 1301

Tartu Medicum, Turu 2
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by calling +372 731 2260

Lasnamae Medicum, Punane 61  
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by calling +372 605 0601  

Head of the Women's Counselling Department Dr. Riina Vahi  +372 605 0618

Senior Midwife Silvi Peterson  +372 605 0629